A Salute to Marilyn

I am a Marilyn Monroe tribute artist, actress, singer and pinup model.

Okay, so let’s put the Marilyn Size 18 thing to bed, shall we?  Even ignoring the fact that dress sizes ran astronomically smaller in her day (plus most of her clothing was custom made, which makes them run smaller, still since pattern sizes have not changed, ever) and that today’s vanity sizing accounts for MUCH of the confusion, let’s just look at statistics.

Marilyn’s Measurements were: 36-22-35

Christina Hendricks’ Measurements are: 39-30-39

Christina Hendricks, today, is a size 14.  She is a stunningly beautiful woman with a knockout figure, but her measurement put her several sizes larger than Monroe.   Also keep in mind that while Christina Hendricks regularly wears girdles and corsets and other forms of shape wear, Marilyn would even forgo underwear.  What you saw was what you got.

And yet still … even when forced to use our eyeballs, some will argue that Marilyn was plus-sized.  Her weight fluctuated, like most women.  She was human, after all.  And she gained weight on purpose in an attempt to be fired from ‘Some Like it Hot’.  When she was not and she had to see herself on screen at that weight (only 140, mind you) she was embarrassed.  The point is, so many people bemoan the fact that “women who look like that are called fat, today” when the truth is, they are not.  We’re just comparing her to the wrong women.

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